I first ventured into GR cars in July of 2019 when I received the first Launch Edition A90 Supra in Illinois.

Stock GR Supra at ABCC

Day 1, I drove straight from the dealership to Autobahn Country Club to break the car in, enjoy some laps and find the cars weaknesses.

Having been in the racing and performance industry for about a decade prior, it felt natural to work with some of my long time partners in the industry.

My first call was to Wyatt at MCS and we worked with him all the way through the R&D and testing process.

MCS Dampers

Prepped for Road America to test Motion Control Suspension on DHs. At this time we also sent over all of the stock suspension to Leonard at Swift Springs. This led to their development of the Swift GR Supra Lowering Spring.

GR Supra Race Car

Next up was Danny at Gloc Brakes. We sent him a cad file of the pad shape and he had pads knocked out within two weeks!

Gloc A90 Supra

A full setup was in order-

A90 Supra Corner Balance

Testing and the remainder of the 2019 season was a great success!

Road America A90 Supra

Thats when another opportunity came up... A Radical SR3...

Radical SR3 Gingerman Raceway

I gave in. I dropped the supra project and the car sat. This ultimately proved to be a great decision for developing as a driver.


Fast forward 4 years to September of 2023.

Being able to get my hands on a GR Corolla and successfully campaigning it for the 2023 season re-ignited my passion for GR cars and it was time to dust off my 2020 Toyota GR Supra.

It was time for full comittment, and the only option in my mind was to convert it to a wheel to wheel race car.

Relying on our shop, URW, we began the process.

A90 Supra Cage

I only settle for the tightest tube fitment.

A90 Supra Cage Down Tubes

Down tubes go directly to the rear shock mounts.

A90 Supra Tight Fitment

As close to the roof as possible.

A90 Supra Cage Welds


Welding A90 Supra Cage

Burn it in.

Dash Notch A90 Supra


Dash Fitment A90 Supra

The dash fits great!

Custom A90 Supra Door Panels

I wanted to keep the AC and power windows. What's wrong with a luxury race car?

A90 Supra Shell Loading into Trailer

Off to paint!

Body Color Pearl White was the obvious choice. A&L Autobody did a fantastic job! Thanks Chuck!

Painted A90 Supra Cage Exterior

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Exterior 2

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Rear

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Upper

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Upper 2

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Roof

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Door

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Door 2

Painted A90 Supra Cage Front

 Painted A90 Supra Cage Rear

Reassembly is up next!

Either way, I'm really excited to get this the rest of the way built. In the process we will offer every part that we install or help develop on the LIMIT+1 website.

Local to the Chicagoland area? If so, I would love to help with any parts installation or setup service you may need!

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