This car will be our main test mule for all of the components that we develop in house and also for the parts that we launch for partners. For this season we are transitioning it into a competitive time attack car fitting GridLife Falken Tire Club TR Rules. Following this seasons hopeful success, we will be taking the natural course of action and building this GR Corolla into a true W2W race car with the help of our sister company URW ( Home | URW - ULTIMA RACE WORKS ).
Below are our first steps!
We will be at Autobahn Country Club completing initial testing tomorrow!

Stock Suspension for Initial Test
GR Corolla With Apex Wheels Stock Height

Front Camber Bolts
GR Corolla Camber Bolts

Apex SM-10 18x10 Wheels With 255/40/18 Falken RT660 Tires
Apex SM-10 GR Corolla

CE Hood
GR Corolla Circuit Edition Hood

CE Spoiler Corolla Circuit Edition Spoiler

Pagid RST 3 Pads Front and Rear + GyroDisc Rotors
GR Corolla Pagid Racing Brake Pads and Girodisc Rotors

Endless RF650 Brake Fluid
Endless RF650 Brake Fluid
Endless RF650 Brake Fluid on GR Corolla

Not Pictured-
BMC Air Filter
Liquimoly 5W-30
Ill keep this post active with updates and test results!

Here’s some footage from our initial on track shakedown. We were able to run casual 1:37s on Autobahn Country Club’s South Track. That’s about 4 seconds off podium times in Gridlife’s Club TR Time Attack class and a hair faster than Spec Miata. The stock suspension was an obvious weakness. We’ll be back next weekend to see how much time can be shaved off with the addition of race dampers!

Here we go again! This Friday we will be testing suspension from Fortune Auto which is now available here:
We went with the fully optioned out 510 series featuring caster increasing camber plates and swift springs.

GR Corolla Fortune Auto 510
Fortune Auto 510 GR Corolla
Fortune Auto Prototype Suspension

Heres the setup-
Ride Height Adjustment & Corner Balance with 170LBS in the drivers seat. Set 1/8" Rake measured from the pinch welds.
GR Corolla Setup

4 Degrees Front Camber
0mm Front Toe
8ish Degrees Caster (4 more than stock!)
3 Degrees Rear Camber
3mm Total Rear Toe

7 clicks from soft front
10 clicks from soft rear
GR Corolla Alignment

We also have GR-FOUR Vinyl Rocker Panel Inlays in stock!
GR Corolla GR-Four Vinyl Inlays

We also installed ARP extended wheel studs-
GR Corolla ARP Extended Wheels Studs

Heres the look!
GR Corolla Lowered on Coilovers and Wheels

We have a few more mods to make before testing on friday. Stay tuned!

Here’s some footage of initial testing of the Fortune Auto Suspension setup. Throughout the day we were able to fine tune the suspension to promote less push and understeer. We were blown away with how dialed and predictable the car was with these straight out of the box! Updates will follow as we make spring rate and sway bars changes. Links to get your own set of 500 and 510 series coilovers are below!


And we were back to the track this past weekend! This time we ventured to Gingerman Raceway in Michigan to compete in Gridlife's Street Class Time Attack Series. After extracting everything that our GR Corolla had to offer in its current form, we ended up in P3 for the weekend with a fastest lap of 1:42.01 at Gingerman Raceway!
We will be back for Gridlife’s Midwest Festival in two weeks with more power and cooler IATs!

GR Corolla on Track at Gingerman Raceway Gridlife
3rd place Gridlife Time Attack in GR Corolla

Lets get up to date!
Following the last event, we recieved a prototype intake from Eventuri.

We picked up 16whp and 10wtq on our mustang dyno by simply bolting it on.

Next up is the exciting bit! We have been working on a tune for some time with our good friend and tuner Graham from Boosted Performance Tuning. After significant track and street testing we have E40 and 91/ 93 Octane tunes finalized. The car is sooo much quicker now. Quick enough to where we would have likely placed first in the last time attack event! Here are the results-

GR Corolla Eventuri Intake Tune

GR Corolla 93 Octane Eventuri Tune

These flash tunes are available for purchase here-

If your interested in a custom dyno tune, please email us at

We'll be at the Subaru Speed Expo at Autobahn Country Club this weekend with a new aero kit waxin' some subarus and hopefully converting some people to GRs!

Overnight prototype parts from Verus Engineering arrived just in time for Subaru Speed Expo 2023 at Autobahn Country Club tomorrow! We’re excited to help convert some Subaru owners over to the GR platform!
GR Corolla Verus Engineering Aero In Boxes

SUCCESS. We tested the Verus Engineering Brake Ducts and Canards. There is now zero brake fade, and believe it or not, less push.

The SXTH intercooler also received its final stamp of approval!

Oh yeah... We also got some sweet rollers!

Do NOT steal these for your desktop background!!

GR Corolla on track

GR Corolla on track 2

GR Corolla on track 3

GR Corolla on track 4


Here are the results of our Road America Full Verus Aero Kit Test!

Last October we tested Verus Engineering's complete aero kit at Road America. We were consitently hitting 135-140MPH on the 3 main straights. Results are below!


Verus Engineering Gr Corolla Aero kit track test 1

Verus Engineering Gr Corolla Aero kit track test 2

Verus Engineering Gr Corolla Aero kit track test 3


Under the cheese bridge and into the turn 5 braking zone was the biggest night and day difference. Typically the car would be squirrelly as the braking zone is just over a crest, downhill, and off camber. Mainly attributed to the front splitter and canards, the car hunkered down under threshhold braking, with minimal ABS intervention.


Verus Engineering GR Corolla Aero kit track test 4


Another place that really amazed us was through the carousel. We maintained 90MPH up until corner exit where we accelerated through the kink exiting the corner with a fully stable car at 105MPH.


Verus Engineering GR Corolla Aero track test 5

Verus Engineering GR Corolla track test 6

Heres a lap!

We have their full aero kit available aside from the front splitter (to be released shortly). Everything shipping inside of the Continental USA over $99 ships FREE from us - This includes every aero kit piece Verus offers!