GR Corolla Circuit Edition Spoiler Installation Guide

If you haven't purchased yet, we have them available here!

We strongly recommend having someone experienced install this wing so that you can blame them instead of yourself when your car gets messed up.

Begin by opening the box and un-wrapping your incredibly rare Circuit Edition spoiler that you waited so patiently for.

Open your trunk and remove the two 8mm bolts on either side. 

After, pull or pry outwards on the black molding that sits under your embarrassingly small original spoiler.

Gently pry away the cover under the 3rd brake light.

Apply protective tape to the vehicle in all places that the spoiler will touch so you don't scratch your brand new car.
Now pay attention.
We recommend using red grease (hub grease that you can get at your local auto parts store) for this next step, but toothpaste, rtv, astroglide, or whatever other thick and sticky liquid you have on hand will probably work as-well. Apply the grease to the foam donuts that surround each mounting point. The grease will act as your ink and the foam donut will act as your stamp. 
Phone a friend and have him help you stamp the spoiler into proper position on the vehicle. Repeat if necessary. You should be left with grease transferred to your taped up car showing the exact location that needs to be drilled. Five locations in total.
I forgot to take a picture of this, so here's a picture of another method that we tried prior. It didn't work as well.

Now without taking your time, drill all five holes. Disregard the wiring and such under the center 3 holes.


This is why you should always read a few steps ahead... Barely use any pressure and drill at a slow speed to make sure that the drill bit doesn't walk, Also make sure you don't clip the wiring underneath.

Now peel off all that tape and hope to god that you drilled in the right spot.
If you didn't, just ruin the car more and make the holes bigger....

It should look like this

Set the spoiler onto and peek through the holes. Hopefully you see threads!

Now, install the supplied trim clips into the supplied brackets and spoiler.
You'll figure out where they go. Then install the brackets to the spoiler.

Peel back the adhesive backing so that it just pokes past the edges of the spoiler. Do not remove it all the way!

Don't forget the corners too

Pop the trim clips on the spoiler to the vehicle and begin loosely installing the supplied hardware. Nine bolts in total. Hand tight for now. Once All 9 bolts have a few thread engaged, its time to grab the adhesive backing tabs and peel away!

Its kinda satisfying...

Starting from the center and working your way to the outsides, tighten the bolts until they are snug. Do not overtighten.

You might have to use a swivel socket.

Press down firmly in all areas that the adhesive tape is applied, and reinstall the center panel under the 3rd brake light.

Congrats, you are now compensating just a little bit more...

For real though, we appreciate your purchase a ton and if you have any questions please reach out. We also offer installations if you are in the Chicagoland area.