Driven Media GR86/BRZ Carbon Fiber Outer Shifter Trim
Driven Media GR86/BRZ Carbon Fiber Outer Shifter Trim

Driven Media GR86 / BRZ Carbon Fiber Outer Shifter Trim

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Taking a look around the interior of the 22+ GR86/BRZ you’ll be met with some pretty standard silver trim that makes appearances throughout. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing design so we’ve come up with our Driven Media Carbon Fiber Outer Shifter Trim Cover that allows you to add a layer of real carbon fiber over that silver trim on the center console to spice things up! This piece is molded to fit perfectly atop the OEM piece and will even work with other pieces in our carbon fiber lineup. Pair it up with the Driven Media Carbon Fiber Knob Panel to finish the look!

  • Made out of 100% Real Carbon Fiber
  • High-Gloss UV-Resistant Clear Coat
  • Molded using OEM part to ensure quality fitment
  • Quick and Simple Install

Installation Instructions

  • Prior to installing the carbon fiber cover, make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry.

  • It is recommended to remove the lower switch panel cover before installation as the tolerances are tight. You can easily do so by taking a plastic pry tool and prying it towards the back of the car.

  • Carefully peel the backing off of the double sided tape on the back of the cover.

  • Place the cover into position and press it onto the OEM unit applying constant pressure for at least 30 seconds.

  • The recommended ambient temperature for install is 70°F - 90°F to ensure proper adhesion.

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