Driven Media GR86 / BRZ JDM Style 4th Brake Light Mod
Driven Media GR86 / BRZ JDM Style 4th Brake Light Mod
Driven Media GR86 / BRZ JDM Style 4th Brake Light Mod

Driven Media GR86 / BRZ JDM Style 4th Brake Light Mod

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Driven Media GR86 / BRZ JDM Style 4th Brake Light Mod

From the factory, the GR86/BRZ has a reverse lamp in the bottom of the rear bumper that is very similar to the previous gen. It has the two reverse lights on the outer sides of the lamp and then a blank red reflector in the center. However, overseas in Japan, they have a functioning fog light in the center area. Why do they get all the nice things? This JDM Style 4th Brake Light Kit gives you everything you need to turn the center section of your reverse light assembly into a functioning 4th brake light to improve your visibility to others. Not only does it include the light and harness itself, it also includes the hole saw to modify your reverse light assembly as well as Posi-Tap connectors to make the wiring a breeze!

  • Adds 4th Brake Light functionality to reverse lamp assembly
  • Improves visibility to those behind you
  • Includes everything you need for the install
  • Utilizes Posi-Tap connectors

Installation Instructions

  • Tail Light Removal

    • You’ll need to remove one of the tail lights to install the harness for the 4th brake light.

    • Using a plastic pry tool, pry off the trim piece on the inner side of the tail lights by prying it out from the gap between the trim piece and the rubber trunk gasket.

    • This reveals two 10mm bolts you’ll need to remove. Go ahead and remove the 10mm bolt on the top portion of the tail light as well.

    • Carefully pull the tail light straight back and off of the car and unplug it.

  • Reverse Light Assembly Removal

    • Remove the three pop clips underneath the rear bumper that are holding the reverse light assembly trim piece in place.

    • Once the pop clips are removed, you can carefully pull the trim piece around the reverse light assembly off of the bumper.

    • This reveals two 10mm bolts that hold the reverse light assembly in place that you’ll need to remove.

    • After the bolts are removed you can pull the assembly out and disconnect it from the OEM harness.

    • Using the hole saw that is included and a drill, drill a hole directly in the center of the reverse light assembly where the light will install.

    • Once the hole is drilled, make sure to clean out any of the plastic that may have fallen into the assembly during the drilling process.

    • To install the light into the assembly, carefully press the light into the whole. A small flathead screwdriver can assist in pushing the seal through, just be careful that you don’t pierce or damage the seal.

    • Reinstall the assembly back into the bumper and route the wiring up towards the tail light area. The easiest way to do this is to stick something down the tail light opening and attach the 4th brake light wires to that and pull it up.

  • Wiring Install

    • Using the include Posi-Tap connectors, tap the corresponding wires into the wires on the back of the tail light. DO NOT tap into the OEM harness coming from the car.

    • Black (4th Brake Light) - Black (Tail Light)

    • Red (4th Brake Light) - Red (Tail Light)

    • Blue (4th Brake Light) - Pink (Tail Light)

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