Lamspeed Racing GR Corolla Vulcan Cut Ring Head Gasket
Lamspeed Racing GR Corolla Vulcan Cut Ring Head Gasket

GR Corolla Vulcan Cut Ring Head Gasket

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With over 12 months of combined development between our team at Lamspeed Racing and Athena SCE we are now confident in a proven product we can release to the public. These are manufactured by Athena SCE exclusively for our Toyota G16E-GTS GR Yaris / Corolla engine program.

This is the ultimate seal for your high boost/high horsepower engine! These gaskets use stainless sealing rings that cut into the head to provide the strongest seal available for high boost or high compression engines.

Max Bore size: 92.5mm

Thickness: 1.0mm

Application: Toyota G16E-GTS GR Yaris / Corolla

Includes head gasket with stainless sealing rings. Produced in very high quality stainless steel rings that exceed the sealing capabilities of conventional fire rings and optimize engine performance.

- Use of reinforced material M0115 renowned for being asbestos-free, original equipment approved, superior quality. 
- Supplied with separate stainless steel rings ensuring maximum sealing around the cylinder bore also on engines with NOS and/or turbo applications in which boost exceeds 2 bar. No head and block machining is required. 
- Silicon-based beading is applied on critical areas to improve sealing around all water and oil cooling passages.

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