MMR GR Supra Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit
MMR GR Supra Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit
MMR GR Supra Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit
MMR GR Supra Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit

MMR Performance GR Supra Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit

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MMR GR Supra Lifetime Oil Change Service Kit

The MMR Performance Oil Change Service Kit brings together three of our essential B58/B57 upgrades: our High Performance Stainless Steel Oil Filter, the matching Billet Oil Filter Housing Cap, plus our Magnetic Sump Plug.

So why upgrade to these three high performance lifetime replacements? First of all, the High Performance Stainless Steel Oil Filter gets rid of the notorious B58 oil filter disintegration problem forevermore. By replacing the factory paper filter element with MMR’s advanced high-flow, high-filtration stainless steel filter unit, you will protect your engine from the big bills (and potentially worse) caused by the OE filter’s well-documented collapse failure.

As well as this exceptional filtration, the filter material allows for five times the flow of comparable paper oil filters. Its design provides consistent filtering across entire filter surface.

As the perfect complement to your new filter, the Billet Oil Filter Housing is a direct replacement housing that replaces the cheap plastic oil filter housing which is fragile and often cracks, leading to oil leaks. Of course, the gloss-black, solid billet of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum is a thing of beauty in the engine bay, but it's certainly not just about the looks. An integrated pressure control oil bypass is built into the MMR housing, meaning that there is no need to transfer OE plastic bypass valve from OE filter housing to MMR filter housing.

The last piece of this kit is MMR Performance’s best-selling Magnetic Sump/Oil Pan Plug. It’s one of the simplest yet most effective upgrades that you can install into your engine to increase its lifespan. As an engine wears, tiny metallic particles become suspended in the oil, accelerating wear each time you drive. Our magnetic sump plugs will help to separate these ferrous particles out.

All three parts are beautifully over-engineered in customary MMR fashion to give an exquisite feel and exceptional product experience. Fitting is straightforward and of course is best done in conjunction with your next Oil and Filter change. Just remove the factory parts, and fit the MMR direct replacement units back in place.

Kit Includes:

  • MMR Billet Oil Filter Housing Cap
  • MMR Performance Lifetime Oil Filter 
  • MMR Magnetic Sump Plug 

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