Sabelt Flexible Polyester Strap Tow Loop

Sabelt Flexible Polyester Strap Tow Loop

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Protect your legs from cuts and bruises! This flexible tow loop fulfills the requirements for a towing eye without a dangerous obstacle sticking out of the bumper. Traditional rigid tow hooks can cause damage to competitors' cars, to your trailer, and to your shins.

The 2 inch wide polyester tow loop is sewn to a metal mounting plate with a 15.5mm (0.61") mounting hole. The 260mm (10 1/4") long loop hangs down for safety when not in use. The loop is constructed using materials and assembly techniques refined over decades of experience building top-level driver restraint harnesses. Complies with FIA Appendix J, Article 253 requirements. Sold individually; mounting hardware not included.

Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Orange, Red, or Yellow, each with a small black-on-yellow Sabelt logo. Hint: We recommend choosing a color that contrasts against your car's color for quick visibility for the safety crews. A strap that matches your car's color may be harder to find in a hurry, making their job harder and more dangerous.

Note: To acheive proper strength, a double-shear mount on a solid part of the chassis is recommended. Use only high-quality hardware for mounting.

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